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ENAV Extraordinary meeting 1 (31)

The opening plenary of the extraordinary meeting 1 (31)  of the ENAV Committee will be held physically at IALA HQ on the 30 January 2023 at 09.00 UTC (10.00 CET) […]

ENAV WG2 Presentation Session

ENAV WG2 Meetings

Scheduled presentations (30 min each): Digital Voice & Codec (David Rowe); Update on 3GPP (Hyounhee Koo); Remote Pilotage / technologies to support (Tero Vainio, Sanna Sonninen)

ENAV WG2 Tech Review

ENAV WG2 Meetings

digital voice over VHF (complete)

ENAV WG3 Review of VDES Performace Standard

ENAV WG3 Meetings

Review the draft VDES Performace Standard Input by Japan Coast Guard, with the goal to prepare proposals to amend/improve, which could become a input to NCSR10 as well (to be […]

ENAV WG2 MarCom Manual

ENAV WG2 Meetings

Review outcomes of intersessional work, and latest draft version of content.