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ENG12 Presentations

7. IALA’s Role and Strategy for the S-200 product specifications / Minsu Jeon

6 October 2020, 1130 UTC. Video link

10. EGNOS performance assessment in the Gulf of Finland / Rodrigo GONZALEZ

Mr. Rodrigo González holds a M. Sc. Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid. Since 2009, he has been working in the ESSP SAS providing support for the analysis and assessment of EGNOS performances. He has been in charge of different technical activities related mainly to support to in-service and major system evolutions of EGNOS programme. Finally, he is in charge of ESSP receiver laboratory and responsible of GNSS receiver platform configuration control as well as monitoring, analysing and reporting of GNSS receiver platform performance. In parallel, he has been participating in several H2020 projects, ESSP projects related with positioning in multimodal domains (aeronautical, maritime, railway, agriculture, drones) and in GNSS standardisation fora such as EUROCAE and RTCA

7 October 2020, 1000-1020 UTC.  Video link

11. R-Mode Baltic presentation / Michael Hoppe and Stefan Gewies

Main Topics:

  • the installation of MF R-Mode test bed in the Baltic Sea
  • VDES R-Mode activities/results
  • Status VDES R-Mode standardization
  • MF R-Mode measurement campaign in the MF R-mode test bed with Fyrbyggaren

7 October 2020, 1020-1040 UTC. Video link

14. Measurement Method for Surface Colours of Visual Aids to Navigation / Wang Lingyan

8 October 2020, 1000-1020 UTC. Video link

15. Use of Modern Equipment on Heritage Lighthouses / Li Ai

8 October 2020, 1020-1040 UTC. Video link

17. IALA World-Wide Academy Update / Kevin Gregory

Update on the activities of the Academy during the period of COVID-19.

8 October 2020, 1100 UTC. Video link

9. Galileo Maritime Safety Information / Maria Mota

7 October 2020, 0940-1000 UTC. Video link