The 11th Session of the ARM Committee was held at Centro Argentino de Ingenieros (CAI), Buenos Aires, Argentina from 9 to 13 March 2020. The committee chair was Phil Day and the committee secretary Thomas Southall.

The ARM Committee and Secretary-General were warmly welcomed by Argentinian dignitaries – Comodoro Valentín Sanz Rodriguez – Servicio de Hidrografía Naval, Eng. Pablo Bereciartua – Vice-Presidente del Centro Argentino de Ingenieros, Prefecto General Miguel Angel Reyes – Argentine Coast Guard Sr. Juan Carlos Schmid – Secretario General del Sindicato de Dragado y Balizamiento.  All acknowledged the excellent contribution of the ARM Committee to the safety of navigation around Argentina and wished the Committee a productive week.

Francis Zachariae welcomed all to ARM11 convened by IALAs member Hidrovia and expressed in a wonderful venue, the National Centre of Engineers. A special thanks was given to the main organizers Raul Escalante and Mariano Marpegan.

The session was attended by 46 participants from 20 countries.  4 participants attended for the first time.

The Committee continued the work for the 2018-2022 work period.  Working in three working groups, the Committee considered 48 input papers and produced 44 output and working documents.

The Committee completed the review of Guideline 1143 Ed.2 Unique Identifiers for Maritime Resources and this will now be forwarded to Council for approval.  An Input paper to Council regarding the withdrawal of G1072 and input to the Cyber Security Workshop Steering Committee was also produced.

The Committee finalised liaison notes to:

  • ENAV on statement from IALA to ITU Rec ITU-R M.1371-5;
  • ENAV regarding AMRD Group B;
  • LAP and PAP on IMSAS the manual;
  • ENG on Guideline 1116 Selection of Rhythmic Characters and Synchronisation of Lights for AtoN;
  • ENG on the draft Guideline on Tidal Current Signal System;
  • ENG Regarding Possible Amendments to Recommendation E-110 with the Character for Mobile AtoN;
  • ENAV regarding assigning MMSI to AIS AtoN; and
  • ENAV regarding Draft Guideline on Producing an e-Navigation Operational Service Description.

The Task Plan for the ARM Committee was also reviewed and updated

A full report is available for members in the Meeting Docs section of the website.

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