The 75th session of the IALA Council was successfully held at the Radisson Royal Collection Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark from 30 May to 3 June 2022.

This was the first face to face meeting of the Council since the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic in 2020. All councilors were in attendance, including three who attended remotely.

The Council was updated about the planning of the change of status transition period, which is the period between the entry into force of the Convention and the first General Assembly of the new Organization.

The Council approved the revised budget for 2022 and noted the sound financial situation of the Association. The Council also approved changes to the Basic Documents.

Reports were given on the technical committees, the Industrial Members Committee, the planning of the 20th Conference, and the progress and future actions of the World-Wide Academy and the World Marine Aids to Navigation Day to be celebrated 1 July in Bulgaria.

The Council approved the Homigot Lighthouse from the Republic of Korea as the Heritage Lighthouse of the Year 2022 together with some changes to the future selection process. As a consequence, the ENG committee will nominate the candidates for the Heritage Lighthouse of the Year 2023 at the upcoming ENG16 in October 2022. For more information, please refer to

New and revised recommendations:

  • R1023 Maritime Resource Names (MRN), Ed1.0, June 2022
  • R0204 Marine signal lights – determination and calculation of effective intensity, Ed3.0, June 2022
  • R0141 Training and certification of Marine Aids to Navigation personnel, Ed5.0, June 2022
  • R0119 Establishment of a VTS Ed4.2, June 2022

New and revised guidelines:

  • Revised Guideline G1018 on Risk management, Ed4.0, June 2022
  • Revised Guideline G1123 on the use of the IALA Waterway risk assessment programme or IWRAP, Ed2.0, June 2022
  • Revised Guideline G1124 on Ports and waterways safety assessment (PAWSA MK II), Ed2.0, June 2022
  • Revised Guideline G1058 on The use of simulation as a tool for waterway design and AtoN planning, Ed3.0, June 2022
  • Revised Guideline G1135 on Determination and calculation of effective intensity, Ed 3.0, June 2022
  • Revised Guideline G1127 on Systems and services for high accuracy positioning and ranging, Ed2.0, June 2022
  • Revised Guideline G1129 on the retransmission of SBAS corrections using MF-radio beacon and AIS, Ed 2.0, June 2022
  • New Guideline G1147 on The use of enhanced radar positioning systems, Ed1.0, June 2022
  • New Guideline G1168 on Quality control of third-party AtoN service providers, Ed1.0, June 2022
  • New Guideline G1169 on Training and certification of marine Aids to Navigation personnel, Ed1.0, June 2022
  • New Guideline G1170 on Solar modules for a marine environment, Ed1.0, June 2022
  • Revised Guideline G1150 on Establishing planning and implementing a VTS, Ed3.0, June 2022
  • New Guideline G1171 on Human factors and ergonomics in VTS, Ed1.0, June 2022

Revoked document

  • Revoked G1097 on Technical Features and Technology Relevant for Simulation of AtoN, Ed1.0

The Council approved National membership for:

  • Slovenia Maritime Administration
  • The Liberian Maritime Authority

The Council approved Industrial membership for:

  • DS Servicios Integrales Limitada, Chile 
  • Oynetec (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
  • Pinturas Luarca, SL, Spain

The Council approved Associate membership for:

  • Comisión Administradora del Río de la Plata, Argentina
  • Instituto Marítimo Portuário, Cabo Verde
  • National Technology Center for Ports Waterways and Coasts, India
  • AWS Service, Brazil

The Council decided to:

Terminate industrial membership for:

  • PRODAR, the United States of America

Waive the contribution due for the year 2019 for the following suspended National members:

  • Office National de Signalisation Maritime, Algeria
  • Direction Générale de la Marine Marchande, Rep of Congo

Approve the suspension of industrial membership for:

  • Shandong Buoy & Pipe Industry Co. Ltd., People’s Republic of China
  • Chaohu Qunli Marine Anchor Chain Co Ltd., People’s Republic of China
  • Qingdao Hotech Automated, People’s Republic of China
  • Pesona Global Teknologi, PT; Indonesia
  • Harmoz Berkeh, Ertebat Electronic Gil; Iran
  • Navalec S.A de CV, Mexico
  • AD Engineering Limited, Papua New Guinea
  • Maximum Protective Service Intl N.V, SurinameProdar, The United States of America

Approve the suspension of Associate membership for:

  • Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute, Republic of Korea
  • Marine Transport Institute, Democratic people’s Republic of Korea

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