IALA Webinars

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered new ways of working and different ways of communication seem needed. As the headquarters is closed and it is known that meetings will not be physically possible for an extended period of time, IALA has thought it would be good to use a new communication tool for keeping the members and the maritime community up to date with the latest developments. Therefore IALA wishes to introduce Webinars as one of its communication tools.

Each Webinar topic will be communicated to the members a few weeks before it takes place with a link to the event. Anyone can follow the Webinar through the link and the recording will be available on IALA Youtube Channel.

Here is an overview of the possible topics that may be selected for a Webinar :

  • Status of the IGO project
  • New IALA publications approved by the Council
  • Delivering AtoN services in Corona times
  • Technical Committee Presentations
  • VDES – Regulatory Status
  • The future of DGNSS
  • Africa today
  • News from the World-Wide Academy
  • Solutions for Accredited AtoN Training Organisations
  • India Tomorrow – AtoN service delivery in India
  • Self assessment against IALA Recommendations
  • Risk Assessment Case Study
  • The history of AIS – Book presentation

The Webinars will be scheduled as a monthly events at the moment but this could change depending on the success of the events and the availibility of the speakers.

Monitor the IALA website regularly for announcement of the upcoming Webinars !

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