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The Shanghai North Bund Forum

On 3 to 5 November the First Shanghai North Bund Forum was held in the city, a pillar of Shanghai’s international shipping business.

Currently Shanghai holds third place in the international shipping centre rankings in the 2021 Xinhua-Baltic International Shipping Center Development Index Report, released in July.

Co-hosted by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China, co-organizers included China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited and the Shanghai lnternational Port (Group) Co. Ltd.

A video of the whole proceedings totalling 03:43:08 is available to be downloaded here:

Secretary General Francis Zachariae sent a video-speech for the thematic session: Safety and Cooperation, Work Together to Enhance Global Maritime Safety and Enable Shipping Advancement

In the video his presentation is to be seen from 02:51:32 to 03:07:34

His contribution by way of introducing IALA was well-received. He emphasised the staunch support IALA receives from the People’s Republic of China and particularly the Maritime Safety Administration which was admitted a Member in 1984 after many years of interest. It was elected to the then Executive Committee (now the IALA Council) for the first time in 1994 and has been re-elected ever since.

With two National, three Associate and eighteen Industrial Members, China is the most represented membership country in IALA and the most dynamic in all IALA activities, sending a strong delegation at each Committee.  

China is renowned for its generosity and hosted the very successful 16th IALA Conference in Shanghai in May 2006 and will be long remembered: the Presidency was held by China for  the following four years until 2010.

It must not be forgotten that the People’s Republic of China has also hosted many IALA events such as seminars, workshops and intersessional meetings. The People’s Republic through the Maritime Safety Administration is a strong supporter of the IALA World Wide Academy.

Presidential message

On 4 November Chinese President Xi Jinping said that China stands ready to boost cooperation on international shipping with other countries. Xi made the remarks in a congratulatory letter with the theme of analysing the development and restructuring of international shipping based on openness and inclusiveness, innovation and reform, and cooperation where each party benefits.

He said the shipping industry serves as an important guarantee for the development of global trade and a crucial bond of friendly contacts and exchanges between people worldwide.

It also plays a positive role in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, promoting trade recovery and stabilising the industrial and supply chain since the pandemic started.

China, said President Xi, is ready to work with the rest of the world on a green, low-carbon and smart shipping industry.

He pledged China will do its utmost to restore and ensure a smooth global industrial and supply chain and promote the healthy development of the industry, contributing to the building of a community with a shared future for humanity.

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