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Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas

In September MSM celebrated 15 years dedicated to the innovation and development of marine aids to navigation, a progress begun in 2006 and which has grown step by step. They joined IALA in 2008.

To commemorate the anniversary Secretary General Francis Zachariae was invited to a ceremony at MSM’s HQ in the Spanish city of Valencia along with customers and friends on 30 September, World Maritime Day.

In his address he drew attention to the day being an official United Nations international observance, organized by the IMO, and aiming at increasing awareness of the importance of shipping safety, maritime security and the marine environment. He introduced IALA and emphasised the efforts of the Technical Committees and of IALA’s Industrial Members who now number more than 150 and provide staunch support to the organisation.  They are a section of the IALA family without which our National and Associate Members the world over would be unable to function. 

Their provision of aids to navigation and related equipment and services ensures the safety of seafarers, ships and cargoes as well as the environment in which they move. 

In closing he mentioned MSM’s current, very active, representation dedicated to the work of the IALA Committees.

To learn more about MSM readers are invited to see the website:  and the You Tube channel here:

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