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ENG WG3 Meetings

Opening session and Presentation: SBAS standardization by Elisabet Lacarra


ENG WG3 Meetings

Review of the PNT aspects within the NAVGUIDE

ENG WG3 TG1 – Resilient PNT GL

ENG WG3 Meetings

This is the first meeting for this TG - the aim is to review where we are and to plan what we can do in this reporting period

WG3 closing session

ENAV WG3 Meetings

Closing meeting of this session for WG3 Radionavigation services.  In this session we will review the draft report for the session, along with any output documents that have not been reviewed previously.  We will also have a chance to discuss topics generally, so if you have any updates to share, please let the Chair/Vice Chair […]

ENG14 – WG3 Opening meeting

ENG WG3 Meetings

Opening meeting of WG3 members to discuss and set out plans for this meeting.

ENG WG3 TG-3.4.2 / 3.4.4 (DGNSS)

ENG WG3 TG-3.4.2 / 3.4.4

This will be the first meeting on the development of the DGNSS guideline for this ENG period.  We will review progress to date and consider how we can move the document forward during this work period.

ENG WG3 TG-3.1.1 (Resilient PNT)

ENG WG3 TG-3.1.1

Our first meeting of this ENG14 period will take a look at where we are, what we need to do and how we can move forward.

ENG14 – WG3 Closing meeting

ENG WG3 Meetings

WG3 closing meeting.  A chance for the WG to review and approve completed output papers and the WG report, review progress and plan further work.  Items of work that are […]

ENG15 WG3 Opening

ENG WG3 Meetings

Opening session of WG3 - a chance to review our work for the period and key dates.

ENG15 WG3 closing

ENG WG3 Meetings

WG3 close out session - meeting to review Guidelines, liaison notes and other documents that are due to be finalised and submitted for silent assent.  Also review the WG3 report […]

ENG15 WG3 closing session

ENAV WG3 Meetings

WG3 closure meeting to finalise the WG3 deliverables and report.  Change to talk about common discussion points as time permits.

ENG15 WG3 – Impact of solar farms

ENG WG3 Meetings

WG3 consideration of input documents ENG15-3.2.10 on impact of solar farms to visual and radio systems.  The aim of this meeting is to understand what we need to do as […]

ENG15 WG3 TG-3.1.1: Resilient PNT

ENG WG3 Meetings

I'd like to review where we are and how we move this GL forward between now and ENG16. Due to start at 1315 (GMT) as I'm aware there are other […]

ENG16 – WG3 – Presentations

ENG WG3 Meetings

We have two presentations that we will consider first thing Wed morning. These are: Presentation – Galileo Timing and Authentication (EUSPA) Presentation - OSNMA test (GMV)

WG3 – R-Mode Task Group

ENG WG3 TG-3.2.2

Time to progress the R-Mode task group activities.