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ARM13 WG1 plenary

ARM WG1 Plenary Meetings

Intro to work during ARM13, new liaison notes from VTS and ENAV++. Status and info from the various task leaders. Time allowed for any other business at the end.   All the best Guttorm

ARM13 WG1 TG-1.5.10 review A-126


Initial meeting, scoping the work, how to proceed etc. Members: slightlty dependent on other tasks to be completed.

ARM14 WG1 TG-1.5.10 Updating A-126

ARM WG1 TG-1.5.10

Review final draft, check of sections "status bits/drift circle", hopefully finalize for silent approval.

ARM14 WG1 second plenary

ARM WG1 Plenary Meetings

Update of progress on task work, status and questions to be discussed. AOB

ARM15 WG1 Closing plenary

ARM WG1 Plenary Meetings

Final meeting, things to discuss, things to remember To do things for ARM16