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Presentation ENAV WG3

ENAV WG3 Meetings

During ENAV WG3, there are presentations planned; Shanghai Spaceflight Institute of TT&C and Telecommunication by Zhe Zhang VDES Testing in the Times of COVID-19 by Jan Safar Mutually coordinated navigation […]

Pre. VTS session 1

Committee Presentation Room

Presentation on Ship Reporting from a Shore-based Perspective by Fred Pot  

Presentation WWA

Committee Presentation Room

Presentation on IALA World-Wide Academy. Update by Kevin Gregory

Pre. VTS session 2

Committee Presentation Room

VTS Presentations; Remote VTS training by Dmitry Rostopshin and Jillian Carson Jackson Port activity application SaaS service in Finland- Utilization of the IALA S-211 compliant information exchange by Olli Soininen EMSA […]

Webinar ARM new docs

for more information and the link, please refer to the IALA webinar page

ENG pres. on RTCM

Committee Presentation Room

ENG presentation session RTCM Report by Ed Wendlandt, President of RTCM

Presentation ENG WG3

ENG WG3 Meetings

ENG WG 3 opening plenary will have a presentation; SBAS standardization by Elisabet Lacarra and Manuel Lopez

Presen. ENG session3

Committee Presentation Room

The Intelligent Measurement of the Character of Aids to Navigation Light by Wang Lingyan The application of Beidou remote control and monitoring system in China by Chen Dequan      

Presen. ENG session4

Four-Season Universal light Buoy in Frozen Ports by Li Ang

presentation WWA for ENG, ARM

Committee Presentation Room

Presentation on IALA World-Wide Academy. Update by Kevin Gregory

VTS Ctty presentations

Committee Presentation Room

MASS Remote Operation Centre, Todd Schuett, Kongsberg Ningbo-Zhoushan VTS----Towards Interconnected and Comprehensive Application, ZhouChi, CMSA WWA update, Kevin Gregory, IALA   


CTTY presentation room

Discussion session scenario’s Future VTS, Harmen van Dorsser, Zoscha Droog, Danny de Roo, Port of Rotterdam Authority AGENDA Item Time 1 Opening and intentions 5 min 2 General introduction Future […]

ENG CTTY presentations

CTTY presentation room

10:00 UTC, Progress on the Study of RBN-based Differential Loran-C Technologies, Ma Min, CMSA 10:20 UTC, IEC Standardisation for SBAS L1 maritime receivers, Rodrigo Gonzalez, ESSP 10:40 UTC, Drones, Inspection […]

IALA WWA presentations

CTTY presentation room

12:00 UTC, Workers and Light Keepers Courses: a new training level, Julio Fidel Sierra, GEOCUBA 12:20 UTC, World wide Academy activities, Kevin Gregory, IALA WWA  

VTS presenation session

CTTY presentation room

For VTS 52, 5 presentations are planned;                  Anders Johannesson, SMA, STM Balt Safe Project Tang Yao, CMSA, Inland VTS in China Sangwon Park, KMI, IVEF expansion with radar and VHF digital information Minsu Jeon, IALA, IALA dictionary and questionnaire Kevin Gregory, IALA, WWA update