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VTS50 WG2 Opening

VTS WG2 Plenary Meetings

Overview of activities Confirmation of tasks and outcomes expected

VTS50 WG2 TG-2.1.2

VTS WG2 TG-2.1.2 Meetings

Liaison note for Cybersecurity 2.1.2   Develop a Recommendation and Guideline on Cyber-Security in AtoN operations (led by ARM, all Committees via Workshop)

VTS51 WG2 Plenary

VTS WG2 Plenary Meetings

Template for G1111 annexes and overview of work and responsible for the relevant documents •            G1111 Establishing Functional & Performance Requirements for VTS Systems (Ollie) •            G1111-1 Producing Requirements for the Core VTS System (Dmitry) •            G1111-2 Producing Requirements for Voice Communications (Hans Verra) •            G1111-3 Producing Requirements for RADAR (Jens Chr) •            G1111-4 Producing […]