Topical matters

S-200 Data Modelling

In January 2010 the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) adopted S-100, a framework geospatial standard for hydrographic and related data. S-100 is aligned with the ISO 19100 series of geographic standards, thereby making the use of hydrographic and other geographic data more interoperable than using the present IHO S-57 data transfer standard.

The S-100 document is underpinned by a Registry and component Registers based on ISO 19135 – Procedures for registration of items of geographic information. The IHO owns and manages the Registry. The S-99 standard describes the roles, responsibilities and procedures for operating and managing the S-100 Geospatial Information Registry and its component Registers. Within the IHO Registry, registers may be used by external Submitting Organisations.

IMO NAV, at its 57th session, agreed on the use of the IHO GI Registry as a baseline for the collection, exchange, and distribution of data. Supporting a greater variety of information and therefore supporting increased interoperability, was the first step towards the Common Maritime Data Structure essential for e-Navigation.

IALA Council has approved the participation of IALA in the IHO GI Registry as a Submitting Organisation and as a domain owner (i.e. the IALA domains within the Registry).

The next step for IALA committees and contributors is to populate the IALA Domain within the registry. Where the development of product specifications comes first and then the required items are registered into the registry.

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