Capacity Building

Capacity Building Strategy


Some coastal States experience challenges in the fulfilment of their Marine Aids to Navigation related obligations related to vessel traffic services and aids to navigation stemming from Regulation 12 and 13 of Chapter V of the SOLAS Convention.

These challenges may be due to the absence of appropriate competences, resources, knowledge and/or leadership resulting in gaps between current practices and the expectations of the international community as expressed in SOLAS Chapter V and the IALA Standards.

The goal of the IALA World-Wide Academy is to ensure that all coastal States can fulfil the obligations related to Marine Aids to Navigation placed upon them in SOLAS Chapter V and that all coastal States can claim conformance with the relevant IALA Standards.

This is achieved through promoting and facilitating the effective implementation of IALA Standards, Recommendations, Guidelines and Model Courses by coastal States through education, training and capacity building.

In order to achieve these goals, the Academy undertakes a wide range of activities based on three simple principles:

  • Enlighten – raise the awareness of high-level decision makers of their international obligations relating to safety of navigation.
  • Educate – provide a suite of relevant education and training opportunities for as many as possible.
  • Engage – pursue long-term capacity building activities with coastal States and provide advice on how to overcome challenges.

In support of the UN Delivering as One approach, the Academy cooperates with and coordinates its activities with other international organizations, underpinning the UN Sustainable Development Goals.