Mission and Aims

Key Activity

Main objectives 2017-2020


  • Focus on those with greatest need – The Academy will primarily focus its capacity building efforts on those Coastal States with greatest needs with a view of steadily reducing the total number of Coastal States in Need.
  • Review of progress – The Academy has now conducted numerous needs assessment missions. The Academy must now revisit all these States and review their progress towards compliance with their international obligations.
  • At least one training hub in each region – The Academy aims at having at least one Accredited Training Organisation in each of its five target continental regions.
  • Connecting people – The number of certified marine aids to navigation managers is reaching critical mass. The Academy must now bring them together, as well as managers and lecturers from Accredited Training Organizations, via the Academy Alumni Association to ensure sustainable learning.
  • Delivering as One – The Academy’s capacity building effort must where possible be delivered under the banner of the United Nations strategy of “Delivering as One”.

It is a challenge, but together we can do it – The Academy recognises the considerable challenge that it has set itself, but is now appropriately resourced to meet it. This would not be possible were it not for generous sponsorship both in direct and indirect funding from a number of nations and organisations and the superb and unstinting support from the four IALA technical committees.

The Academy is funded by generous sponsors; notably IFAN, Malaysia, Singapore and the Republic of Korea; and is very grateful for their generosity. It hopes that other sponsors will join in the near future.