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19th IALA Conference 2018

The 19th IALA Conference will be held from 27 may to 2 June 2018 in Songdo ConvensiA Center, Incheon, Republic of Korea.

The theme of the conference is “A New Era for Marine Aids to Navigation in a Connected World”

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Please download here the 19th IALA Conference Industrial Exhibition Pamphlet and

Industrial Exhibition Manual.

The next Distance Learning Course 2018 will begin on June 11.

Distance Learning Course 2018

“The successful delivery of AtoN services depends upon competent and experienced personnel to implement and maintain such aids”. The next formal distance learning course based on the updated syllabus for potential AtoN managers will commence on 11 June 2018. The registration fee for Module 1 will be €1,000.  Sponsorship may be available for some participants. Click here for full details and click here for registration form.

The photograph shows the Deputy Secretary-General; the three successful participants from Trinidad and Tobago, UK and Antigua and Barbuda and course Adjudicator and Lecturer at the end of the Module 3 Course in IALA Headquarters in April 2018. The participant from the UK, Mr. Kevin Gregory, gained an overall “First Class” pass on the course.

Level 2 technicians training in Argentina



In 2017, Hidrovía S.A. Argentina, an Accredited Training Organization (ATO), launched and dictate the L2 training program with modules 7 and 8 (Operation and Maintenance of AIS-AtoN and Racons).  In response to good acceptance, a new training course has been confirmed, aimed at tech personnel specialized in AtoN Power Supplies, covering the following subjects:

✓    L2.2.1            DC Power Systems

✓    L2.2.2            Primary and secondary battery maintenance

✓    L2.2.3            Photovoltaic (Solar panel) systems and maintenance

✓    L2-2.4            Wind generators

✓    L2: 2.5 – 2.6   Mains AC power systems and Petrol and diesel generators

✓    L2:2.7            Lightning protection.


The 40-hour second L2 course for Technical Personnel will dictate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between Monday 3rd and Friday 7th September, with a maximum attendance of 15 persons. The cost of the course will be five hundred dollars (500 U$S) including a sailing day doing maintenance task on AtoN installed.


Details on enrollment, content, activities and miscellaneous info can be requested via e-mail at: mlmarpegan@hidrovia-gba.com.ar and cursosIALA@hidrovia-gba.com.ar.

L1 AtoN Manager Course in China 2017, technical visit. Click here to see what courses are scheduled for 2018.

World-Wide Academy 2018 Course Agenda

The Academy is in the process of  facilitating Level 1 AtoN Manager Courses and IALA Risk Management Toolbox training all over the world. Below you can find a list with courses and dates. As soon as the flyers are ready they will be launched on the website.

  • IALA Risk Management Toolbox Seminar; South Africa – 26 February till 2 March- link to flyer
  • English L1 AtoN Manager Course; South Africa – 5 till 29 March (back to back with Risk Seminar in South Africa)- link to flyer
  • English L1 AtoN Manager Course; Malaysia – 5 till 30 March –link to flyer
  • Spanish L1 AtoN Manager Course; Ecuador – 16 April till 10 May – link to flyer
  • English L1 AtoN Manager Course Module 3 on AtoN Management; IALA Headquarters – 9 till 13 April (part of the distance learning course)
  • English L1 AtoN Manager Course; India – 23 July till 17 August
  • French L1 AtoN Manager Course Module;  France – September
  • IWRAP MkII Course; Japan – 1-5 October
  • English L1 AtoN Manager Course Module 3 on AtoN Management; IALA Headquarters – 26 till 30 November (part of the distance learning course)
  • English L1 AtoN Manager Course; China – 9 October till 2 November –link to flyer
  • English L1 AtoN Manager Course; Suriname – 29 October till 23 November –link to flyer
  • Spanish L1 AtoN Manager Course; Chile – date option: 29 October till 23 November