IALA World-Wide Academy

Education & Training

AtoN Technician

The IALA Marine Aids to Navigation Technician series of model courses provides a framework for the training and education of personnel tasked with conducting the installation, servicing, maintenance or replacement of marine aids to navigation and their components.

The 30+ model courses cover a range of subject areas:

  • Introduction to AtoN
  • Power supplies
  • Lights and marine lanterns
  • Sound signals
  • Painting and coatings
  • AtoN service craft and buoy tenders
  • Radar beacons (RACONS)
  • Automatic Identification Systems (AIS)
  • Radionavigation and Differential Global Navigation Satellite Systems (DGNSS)
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Structures, materials and AtoN maintenance

Aids to Navigation service providers base their technician training on these model courses. In some cases the courses are developed further to address particular topics related to the maintenance and operation of specific systems and equipment used by the AtoN service provider.

The Academy does not deliver any of these model courses directly but many of the topics are adressed in the Aton Manager programme.