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Academy news

PAWSA Workshop Port of Antwerp

It was a pleasure for the Academy participating as observer to the Port of Antwerp Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment (PAWSA). The PAWSA tool is an advanced, structured process that identifies risk factors and evaluates risk control options through expert input. The process requires a competent facilitator and the participation of professional waterway users and stakeholders. If you are interested to learn more about PAWSA then please note that a PAWSA course will start on-line in November. All information can be found via this link:

Mission to El Salvador

The Academy conducted a technical mission to the Republic of El Salvador. We had a meeting with the Minister of Public Works, just 29 years old; the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, a brilliant young lady, and many other stakeholders. They all showed strong commitment to improve Safety of Navigation and become part of the IALA family. Jaime Alvarez, technical officer at IALA, joined the mission as Spanish translator.

Stakeholder meeting with hydrographic office

Technical visit at Acajulta Port

Meeting with the Minister of Public Works & Transport

The Academy conducted a technical needs assessment mission to the Republic of Lebanon and as a result of this mission the Ministry of Transport and Public Works applied for national membership to IALA. During this mission several stakeholder meetings took place and it was decided to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between them. This will result in better cooperation on Safety of Navigation matters and improve the Aids to Navigation and Hydrographic Service Provision. The Academy will follow-up with AtoN training and the facilitation of risk assessments in the near future.

AtoN Technician Training on lights and marine lanterns

The accredited training organizations, HidrovĂ­a Academy of Aids to Navigation in conjunction with the MSM Academy are offering online training in order to achieve international IALA Level 2 technician certification in lights and marine lanterns.

The course will conducted in Spanish and will be delivered between the 15 November and 3 December 2021.

If you are interested in participating in this course, please contact the accredited training organizations directly for further details and registration information:  or 

On the road again

Since March 2020, the Academy has been affected by the Pandemic, which effectively stopped all travel activity and made it impossible to conduct technical missions. Since then, the Academy has conducted all its meetings online and came up with the so called Micro Seminars to follow up on previous Technical missions. Finally the Pandemic has loosened its grip a little bit, and the Academy can now slowly resume its travel activity.

Mission to Lebanon

The first physical mission in 2021 went to Lebanon where the Academy provides support and advice on matters relating to Aids to Navigation service provision.

Vessel traffic service

Meet VTS operator Ihab at Beirut Port. A VTS system was established in 1998, but unfortunately in 2006 , the radar towers were damaged during the war.

Stakeholder meeting

Initial stakeholder meeting at Beirut Port Authority. The harbourmaster informed on Aids to Navigation and the chief pilot described various challenges. A Traffic Separation Scheme is being discussed.

VTS-ENAV Symposium 2021
– the participants

After the VTS-ENAV Symposium, Academy News interviewed a few participants to learn what they took away from the Symposium.

IALA VTS-ENAV Symposium 2021

The IALA VTS-ENAV Symposium was held virtually in April 2021 and Academy News went behind the scenes to see what was going on.

There is a Book of Abstracts if you are interested in what went on at the Symposium.