IALA World-Wide Academy



The IALA World-Wide Academy was established in 2012 following a decision taken at the 52nd IALA Council.

The World Wide Academy (WWA or just ‘the Academy’) is an integral, but independently funded part of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities.

The Academy is the vehicle by which IALA delivers education, training and capacity building. It is also there to promote the work of the IALA Committees.

The Academy is dedicated to assist national authorities in sustainable development and improvement in the provision of Marine Aids to Navigation, including VTS. It enables National Authorities to meet their States’ respective obligations under the UNCLOS and SOLAS Conventions, as detailed in recommendations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and IALA

In June 2012 the Academy was presented at IMO’s Technical Cooperation Committee. In response, IMO commended IALA on the establishment of the World-Wide Academy, and requested that it be kept updated on the work carried out jointly between the International Hydrographic Organization, IALA and IMO in the area of capacity-building under the United Nations “Delivering as One” initiative.

The Academy has implemented a Quality and Training Management System to support its mission and aims which is subject to periodic internal and external audit.