Capacity Building

The Academy has analysed all coastal states to determine these of the greatest need for its services. In early 2017, the Academy reviewed the quality of maritime management; the volume of maritime traffic and the degree of risk to that traffic in all 154 independent Coastal States. The rationale behind this analysis is contained in the Academy’s Master Plan.

“Coastal States in Need” are categorised into 3 priorities. “Priority 1” States have the greatest need of the Academy’s services; “Priority 2” have a greater need and “Priority 3” have some need of its services. An in-house strategy has been developed to determine how the Academy’s resources can best be allocated to reducing the number of Coastal States in Need over the next 5 years.

Capacity building activities are, where appropriate, coordinated with the International Maritime Organization and the International Hydrographic Organization as part of the United Nations “Delivering As One” initiative.

Details of the regions and States can be found in the Academy list of Coastal States in Need via this link.