IALA World-Wide Academy

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Many coastal States have a need to develop and/or reinforce their national and institutional capacity to deliver Marine Aids to Navigation services to international standards. Therefore, the Academy:

  • Conducts workshops and seminars to raise the awareness of high-level decision makers with respect to their international obligations;
  • Undertakes analytical missions to identify gaps between current practices and international standards and provides advice on how to bridge these gaps;
  • Arranges follow-up activities to review progress made towards conformance with international standards; and
  • Provides opportunities for individuals to participate in training and IALA events to raise their level of expertise and interact with other Marine Aids to Navigation professionals.

Scheduled activities

2021LebanonTechnical needs assessment mission (done)
2021El SalvadorTechnical needs assessment mission
2021GuatemalaFollow up mission
2021ATO SeminarOnline gathering of the Accredited Training Organizations world-wide