The Academy works closely with IALA Committees; their Working Groups, and where appropriate with IALA Industrial Members, to ensure that model courses and other training documentation are maintained in the most efficient manner for the benefit of IALA Members, potential Members and their accredited training Institutes and Organizations. To this end, IALA produces a number of publications. The Academy has delegated authority to publish model courses and specific guidelines on training and accreditation of training courses. These are based on 2 key IALA Recommendations under the IALA Training Standard S1050:

Recommendation R0141 on Standards for Training and Certification of AtoN Personnel

Recommendation R0103 on Standards for Training and Certification of VTS Personnel

Training Activity

The Academy organises an annual one-week training course on the IALA Risk Management tool-box. In 2014 it delivered the first one month course for AtoN Managers at its Headquarters in Paris, France.

The objective of The Academy is not to conduct training itself, but to develop and promote the use of its model training courses. The Academy will facilitate such courses as required.

A complete set of VTS model courses are updated regularly by the VTS Committee

Vessel Traffic Services

V-103/1 : VTS Operator Training

V-103/2 : VTS Supervisor Training

V-103/3 : VTS On-The-Job Training

V-103/4 : VTS OJT Instructor Training

V-103/5 : VTS Revalidation Process

AtoN Manager Training

L1.1 : Level 1 Marine AtoN Manager Training

L1.2 : Master of Marine AtoN Management

Technician Training

IALA WWA L2.0 : Level 2 Technician training (33 specialist modules)