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Other courses (concept under development)

In addition to the IALA model course programmes, IALA delivers supplementary short courses on demand, based on IALA publications and lectures from the Academy model course programmes.

The short courses have the following characteristics:

  • They are informative and relatively short (30 minutes to 2 hours basic study time plus optional self-learning).
  • There is no final examination (maybe a self-evaluation quiz) and a course certificate is issued.
  • The cost of taking the courses is low (<X00€)
  • There is an opportunity to engage in discussion with our tutors to ask questions about the subject matter.

Some courses are open courses that can be taken at any time, whilst others may be subject to a minimum number of students. Here are some of the potential short courses available (the numbers before the course names refer to the relevant IALA publications):

  • R1001 The IALA Maritime Buoyage System
  • G1005 Contracting out AtoN Service
  • R0130 Categorisation and availability objectives for short range AtoN
  • G1004 Level of service
  • R0118 Recording of AtoN positions
  • G1081 Provision of Virtual AtoN
  • G1116 Selection of rythmic characters and synchronization of lights for AtoN
  • “How to” series of Marine Aids to Navigation procurement courses including topics such as preparing a business case, managing stakeholders, writing specifications and appraising tenders.

We are constantly seeking to provide courses that are relevant for the Marine Aids to Navigation sector so please do get in touch if there are specific topics of interest that we could consider for development of a short course. For further information or to register interest in any of the courses above please e-mail academy@iala-aism.org

“How to”
Procurement Course
– Writing Specifications

This is just a template

Scope – The course is a basic introduction to specifications covering the following:

  • Purpose and role – how specifications are issued throughout the procurement process
  • Types – conformance versus performance specifications and when it might be appropriate to use them
  • Typical contents – including functional and operational requirements

The course refers to real life examples from the Marine Aids to Navigation sector to assist the student’s learning

Learning competencies – The student will obtain the following competencies:

  • 3.9.20 Explain the difference between conformance and performance specifications
  • 3.9.21 Explain the key aspects of specification design

Mode of delivery – (Distance Learning)

Course fee – X Euro

Dates – See the Course Schedules page

The course is an open course, reliant on 30 minutes basic self-learning. Students can submit questions to the course tutors who will aim to provide a response within 24 hours.