About IALA

e-Navigation Information Services and Communications (ENAV)

Committee Chair: Hideki Noguchi (Japan Coast Guard), Vice Chair: Jorge Arroyo (US Coast Guard)

The Committee work is organised according to 3 Technical Domains, as follows:

Technical Domain 1 – Digital Communications Technologies
Work domains:

  • Wide/Medium bandwidth systems (AIS & VDES)
  • Narrow bandwidth systems (NAVDAT, MF beacons, etc.)
  • Harmonised maritime connectivity

Technical Domain 2 – Information Services
Work domains:

  • Data models and data encoding (IVEF, S-100, S-200, ASM, etc.)
  • Vessel tracking and data exchange systems
  • e-navigation user requirements

Technical Domain 3 – Training and Certification
Work domains:

  • Training and Certification