Route suggestion reply

Introduction/Additional information:

A vessel receiving a route suggestion can choose to respond to the sender with the following message.

Danish Maritime Authority
Message number:
Used by:
Danish Maritime Authority
Number of slots (max):
Reporting Rate:
On demand
How portrayed:

See is external) for usage and portrayal details.

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Technical point of contact:

Jens Kristian Jensen
Danish Maritime Authority sends e-mail)


Table 3.2
Route Suggestion Reply

Parameter No. of bits Description
Message ID 6 Identifier for Message 6; always 6.
Repeat Indicator 2 Used by the repeater to indicate how many times a message has been repeated.
0 – 3
0 = default
3 = do not repeat anymore
Source ID 30 MMSI number of source station.
Sequence Number 2 0 – 3; refer to ITU-R M.1371-3, Annex 2, § 5.3.1.
Destination ID 30 MMSI number of destination station.
Retransmit Flag 1 Retransmit Flag should be set upon retransmission.
0 = no retransmission = default
1 = retransmitted
Spare 1 Not used. Set to zero.
IAI 16 DAC = 219; FI = 3
Message Linkage ID 10 A source specific running number, unique across all binary messages equipped with Message Linkage ID. Used to link additional information to the message by a Text Description message. The Message Linkage ID and the first six digits of the source MMSI uniquely identify the sent message.
1 – 1,023
0 = not available = default
Referenced message 10 The suggestion id of the message responded to.
Response 6 0 = Accept – Ship intends to adjust active route
1 = Reject – Ship does not intend to adjust active route
2 = Noted – Ship acknowledges reception, but cannot, or will not, consider the suggestion.
Total 114 1 slos