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1 June , 2022 @ 11:00 - 3 June , 2022 @ 15:00 UTC+0

The JWG IEC/IALA eNAV WG3 on VDES use cases will be held as virtual meeting from June 1st (Wednesday) to 3rd (Friday) 2022.


The meeting will focus on the following topics:

–  IALA G1117 update of use cases

–  IALA G1117 addition of use case realizations

– VDES input to IMO NCSR

– VDES R-mode towards WRC23++

Meeting time and link:

Start of the meeting Wednesday 1st June 2022, 11:00 UTC.

Working hours: Wednesday to Friday  11:00 -15:00 UTC


– 20220321_15UTC_PDR_G1117-2_work_in_session (output from ENAV 29)

– Excel list on VDES use cases from last meeting:

< >

Input folder:


From the ENAV 29 meeting we have following list of homework assignment:

* +UC: improve text on §3.6.6 Depth/Height, Kaisu [refining needed]

* +UC on R-mode: very simple and short, refer to the R-mode guidline for the details: Ronald []

R-mode should be added to G1117 to indicate to the public (including IMO) that VDES is a competent host for R-mode

+ UC on GNSS Spoofing/Jamming detection  §3.3.1 + §3.3.2

* + §2.2 priority handling in VDE-SAT link layer, and for VDE-TER on PI: Stefan [TBD, eNAV29]

* how to ensure that certain encryption algorithms are not used in countries where they are not allowed (e.g. AES-256) [TBD, eNAV29]

* + UC to MASS chapter on “ship prediction for MASS” & RTK retransmission, Johan [?TBD, eNAV29]

* + UC GMDSS DSC functionality taken over by VDES, +LRIT,  with VDES: Jorge Arroyo [TBD, eNAV29]

* §2.2.1 improvement, and 2nd paragraph in §2.2.2, Ross & Johnny [eNAV29]

* +refer from relevant UCs to §2.2.2, Stefan Bober & Ross [eNAV29]

be able to assign the authenticated operation to ships from shore “assigned mode”

* 2.2.3: add from G1116, Stefan P. [eNAV29]

* §2.2.3: headings as long names, not abbrev., Stefan P. [eNAV29

Members of WG3 who have homework on G1117 have received a direct invitation from Stefan P to work online on the joint working draft.

You can work together on the G1117 draft via this link. Please leave the document again when you have finished editing it as soon as you finish your work. Open documents can cause problems.

Thanks for your support of eNAV WG3 and G1117.

Members who would like to contribute to the document but have not yet received access data for the WD may contact Stefan P. to obtain them.


1 June , 2022 @ 11:00 UTC+0
3 June , 2022 @ 15:00 UTC+0
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