Collision Threat

1.  Brief Description

–          see some Pictures and a paper   ( A new Collision Avoidance Support System and its application to coastal cargo ship, Kuniji KOSE, Kouhei HIRONO and others, IFAC Conference CAMS’98 Control Application in Marine Systems )

–          Display type: ECDIS of RADAR

2. Functional Capabilities (types of data à information content)

–          it shows ARPA target information.

–          it shows collision danger zone on own ship scheduled route

–          collision danger zone is calculated based on own ship scheduled route and target ARPA data(proposed by Prof. Kose, Hiroshima University)

–          it provides function for ship control by changing the scheduled route

–          it provides one action On / Off button

3. Intended Purpose

–          it displays collision threat on own ship scheduled route to reduce unnecessary information and alarm

–          it provides a faction for steering a ship by changing scheduled route using a track ball for ECS with consideration of collision danger zone.


–          it provides up-to-date target information like an ECDIS

–          it shows the future track of own ship and collision danger zone of each target ship.

–          it provides easy operation for collision avoidance in track control mode.

4. Portrayal examples

a) good examples

–          image of RADAR with collision danger zone on own ship scheduled course.

b) lessons-learned

–          Coastal cargo ship navigators did not use track control because it is difficult to set way points and because they could not imagine what and how mach order (e.g. rudder angle) is submitted ship.

c) some concerns