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VTS49 Presentations

7. IALA’s Role and Strategy for the S-200 product specifications / Minsu Jeon

6 October 2020, 1130 UTC. Video link

17. IALA World-Wide Academy Update / Kevin Gregory

Update on the activities of the Academy during the period of COVID-19.

8 October 2020, 1100 UTC. Video link

12. Vision on future VTS / Harmen van Dorsser

Harmen van Dorsser is project manager VTS innovations at the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. To prepare the Port of Rotterdam and her VTS services on the coming of digital ships and MASS concepts the Port of Rotterdam joint the recently founded MASSPorts network. Under the supervision of Mr van Dorsser the Port of Rotterdam has written a discussion paper about key drivers and principles of VTS innovation and the future of VTS. Participants of the Committee are invited to take notice of a presentation about this discussion paper. The presentation might be food for thought for the discussions about the IALA vision for future VTS which is scheduled to start in VTS50.

7 October 2020, 1040 – 1100 UTC. Video link

13. VTS Human Factors / Margareta Holtensdotter Lützhöft, Ben Brooks, Gesa Praetorius

Margareta Lützhöft is a master mariner, trained at Kalmar Maritime Academy in Sweden. After leaving the sea, she studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive science and a Master’s in Computer Science. In 2004 she received a PhD in Human-Machine Interaction. Presently she is holding a position as Professor in the MarSafe group at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Her research interests include human-centered design and the effects of new technology.

7 October 2020, 1100 – 1120 UTC. Video link

18. Presentation on the use of VTS portable simulators for training / Carlos Fernández Salinas

Carlos Fernández Salinas (VTS Head of Area at the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Agency) has written more than seventy articles published in professional and informative magazines, including “Seaways” and “The Journal of Navigation”. He has also written a number of technical publications and has participated in the IALA VTS Committee since  2013.

13 October 2020, 1000 UTC. Video link