E-Bulletin June 2024

Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company

The Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.) is the managing body of Bulgarian public transport ports and provides vessel traffic and shipping information services.

Some of the main activities of BPI Co. are:

  • Building ports and port terminals, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and maintenance of port terminals (property of the state, from the public transport ports).
  • Maintaining the existing and building new approach canals, port water areas, breakwaters, protection facilities and facilities of the common technical infrastructure, including AtoN.
  • Securing the navigation safety in the territorial sea, the internal sea waters, the canals and the port water area.
  • Building, maintenance and administration of a national system for electronic exchange of information in the public transport ports.

BPI Co. has built up one of the most up-to-date vessel traffic management and information systems: a base for integrated port electronic information environment. The Company has also introduced e-governance in maritime and inland waterway transport: Single Window Systems on the sea and river, as well as in the sea ports, Port Management System and Port Community System.

At BPI Co the Vessel Traffic Services Authority monitors and manages ship traffic and provides information services to navigation, by issuing advice and recommendations related to safety of navigation, supporting on-board decision-making in complex meteorological and navigational environment and organizes the movement of vessels in order to prevent the emergence and development of an accident and collision.

The VTS Authority of BPI Co. is working on digitalization of the B2G dialogue by provision of digital information systems. The Authority is providing data exchange with European systems for maritime safety and security.

Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company provides:

  • Services through the Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS).
  • Telecommunications ship-shore/shore-ship services.
  • Services pertinent to traffic control and information support of shipping and the provision of river information services to ship traffic.
  • Hydrometeorological information.

Integrated information environment in Bulgarian Ports

AIS capabilities are used to broadcast virtual and synthetic aids to navigation thus:

  • By visualization of aids to navigation information for new or temporary objects and hazards to navigation directly placed on a ship’s ECDIS display.
  • Significantly improved awareness of the navigational watch.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in navigation – ongoing study and experimental deployment

The Next VTS Generation will provide

  • Berth-to-Berth Traffic Control.
  • Long Range Monitoring.
  • E-navigation approach.
  • Active decision support.
  • Modern technologies.


  • Track Predictor.
  • COLREG Warning.
  • Active Decision Support.
  • STC Operator approval.
  • Delivery of recommendation to Vessel.

The results of the safety, environmental and electronic governance policy of BPI Co. are:

  • Improved safety of navigation and improved protection of human life at sea.
  • Improved environmental protection.
  • Improved business to government (b2g) dialogue for enhanced law enforcement and improved safety and security of the ports.
  • Improved efficiency and competitiveness of Bulgarian ports.

Rapporteur: Paul Ridgway

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