E-Bulletin June 2024


Welcome to this new edition of the IALA e-Bulletin. This will be the last edition published before we meet in Rio de Janeiro from 27 May to 3 June, at our 20th Conference to exercise the theme Marine Aids to Navigation – Innovation for a Sustainable Future

The third Conference announcement has now been issued and all necessary details are available here:

Conference business will be preceded by the 4th Heritage Seminar and a World-Wide Academy pre-Conference Seminar.

Registration is now open and available online here:

Submission of full papers is required no later than 15 April with final deadline for presentations of papers of 1 May.

The programme of events in Rio is set out here:


Preparations are in hand for Council 77 to be held in Rio on 28 May. After the General Assembly on 3 June a new Council will have been elected and will convene its first meeting, Council 78.


A highly successful workshop was organised with the Japan Coast Guard (JCG) on digital maritime communication. Held in Tokyo from 20 to 24 February this

aimed to assist Marine Aids to Navigation authorities, shore authorities and IALA members to understand the requirements and further develop in digitalization of their services to support future maritime communications.

The workshop dealt with digital maritime communication aspects over a range of topics here: operational requirements from Marine Aids to Navigation services, the impact of digital communication, human machine interfaces in ships and ashore, human factors including training and education of shore-based operators, transitional requirements from analog to digital and more.

Presentations were made by a range of expert speakers covering topics and panel discussion by experts and senior managers of aids to navigation services.

World-Wide Academy

At the beginning of the year IMO, in collaboration with the IALA World-Wide Academy, conducted an induction course for six Ethiopian participants from the Ethiopian maritime authority and the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise on VTS/SAR VHF communications.

The Maritime Sciences and Technology Institute (MARSATI) in Lebanon  hosted a  five-day course. Trainers from the Jovellanos Centre, part of the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Agency, delivered lectures using a mobile VTS simulator.

As part of the Africa’s Integrated Maritime Strategy, IMO intends to support countries participating in the Red Sea Area in improving security and safety. Thus, a number of activities are being carried out under the EU-funded Regional Programme for Maritime Security in the Red Sea Area. This training is the second activity organized jointly with IALA in favour of Red Sea participating states. The third activity will take place in June 2023 for a group of beneficiaries from Yemen.

This training provides an opportunity to share best practices related to the safety of navigation, including the use of VTS, local port services, and aids to navigation.

The Convention

To recap, at 21 March there had been 18 ratifications, acceptances, approvals or accessions of the Convention on the International Organization for Marine Aids to Navigation, otherwise known as the Convention.

States that have signed the Convention are invited to transmit the instruments of ratification, acceptance or approval to France, the depositary State. All Member States of the United Nations that have not signed during the signature period, may accede to the Convention, which will enter into force on the ninetieth day after the date of deposit of the thirtieth instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Rio, Bon voyage et à bientôt.

Francis Zachariae, IALA Secretary-General.

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