IALA WWA Needs Assessment Mission to Sudan

A technical needs assessment mission to Sudan was conducted by the IALA WWA Senior Adviser, from 21th to 28th July 2017. A number of observations were made (status of AtoN service delivery,  VTS, Sudan coast coverage with AIS shore stations …) and several technical needs and improvement opportunities were identified. Most of these can be resolved in the short term if sufficient human and budgetary resources are allocated.

The Sea Ports Corporation (SPC) of Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges (MTRB)  is the National Competent Authority. Competency out of the ports area, within the Sudan territorial waters and EEZ should be established. Use of light dues should be enhanced, and dedicated to Maritime Safety to support further programme.

No competent IALA Level 1 aids to navigation manager is currently employed within SPC.  Proposals to improve the analysis of the volume of traffic and degree of risk within the waters of Sudan are highlighted in the report, including attendance to training courses. A summary of the report has been delivered to the TRB State Minister, the last day of the mission.

An IMO/IHO/IALA mission is scheduled from 12 to 15th November 2017 for identification of the needs/requirements of Sudan in matters related to hydrography, hydrographic surveys, nautical charts and aids to navigation.

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