Visit of Cameroon delegation to IALA 17-21 January 2022

Introducing Cameroon

A Member since 1961, Cameroon is represented at IALA by Port Autonome de  Douala as the National member. It was joined by the Autorité Portuaire Nationale in 2004 and the Port Autonome de Kribi in 2020 as Associate Members.

Cameroon has been active in the General Assemblies and its representatives attend the ENG and ARM Committees.

They also fully support the Change of Status Project and were part of the Credentials Committee at the Diplomatic Conference in Kuala Lumpur and signed the Final Act.

On 22-24 October 2021, Cameroon hosted the highly successful 3rd African Ports Forum with the valuable patronage of these organizations.

The Secretary-General was invited to this event and given the floor to present the activities of IALA. He took the opportunity to call on African countries to support the project by signing the Convention at the earliest opportunity.

At the signing Ceremony organized at IALA HQ on 26 January this year, thirteen African States were part of the twenty-seven that signed the Convention, and amongst them was Cameroon, becoming a Founding State of the new organization.

Technical visit to IALA

From 21 to 25 January this year, a technical delegation composed of representatives of each of the three member organizations visited IALA. During a full week, they worked with IALA experts with the objective of drawing up plans for better cooperation.

The IALA Delegation was led by the Secretary General supported by staff of the IALA Secretariat.

Topics for discussion included: aids to navigation, their engineering and sustainability, as well as risk assessment, AIS, VTS and e-Navigation.

IALA wishes to broaden knowledge of its membership and to learn from Cameroon as the country has much experience of specific topics that would be of value to the technical committees. At the same time IALA would be able to assist Cameroon in its efforts to develop a perfect maritime infrastructure.

Presentations were made by both parties and guests were able to appreciate the extent of IALA’s activities particularly with regard to the World Wide Academy, our structure and technical committees as well as documentation and lighthouse heritage.  Our guests emphasised Cameroon’s interest in IALA training courses and documentation. They also made a presentation on Kribi Deep Water Port and VTS project. An introduction was made to SOLAS and the appropriate legal framework as they affect an aids to navigation service.  VTS training by way of simulator was considered.

From discussions which followed it was learnt that Cameroon will develop a Coordination Group to prepare for attendance at the technical committees. 

IALA supports Cameroon’s efforts which will include its staff participation in Aids to Navigation Manager courses.

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