MarSSIES  Maritime Safety & Security Information Exchange System

•    visualization and exchange information
•    basic tool for maritime traffic monitoring, security and environment protection

MarSSIES concept

•    Goals:
o    The system creation was started in 2003

o    Exchange of information between
Polish Maritime Administration
and EMSA SafeSeaNet – it was the beginning …

o    Exchange of information between
Polish Maritime Administration
and allied services (Coastguard, Navy, SAR, Customs and other emergency services)

o    Exchanging information gathered by different sources
presenting it in an integrated way,

•    Objectives
to provide Authorities and Allied Services with operational information:
o    To facilitate usage of existing systems
o    To enable smooth incorporation of new systems, sensors, etc. [open architecture]
o    To provide data for users as per their needs and tasks performed in a secure way
o    To provide users with reliable simultaneous messaging and alerting feature
o    To provide intuitional GUI and „light-weight” application for remote and mobile users
o    To be fully compilant with national legislation, EU Directives, international and regional conventions
o    To be fully operational with EU SafeSeaNet , EMSA CleanSeaNet

•    Concept
Idea of implementation of 3 layer system:
o    User layer
o    Access layer
o    Source layer


•    Multiple data integration
data sources:
o    Vessel Traffic Monitoring infrastructure
AIS, VTS, EMSA SafeSeaNet, CleanSeaNet
o    Navigational Data
ENC (S-57), Navigational Warnings, Notices to Mariners, Operators Graphical Layers
o    Hydrometeo
wind speed and direction, sea state, forecasts, met observations
o    Safe Messaging System
alerting, exchange of data, file transfer, voice communicator (VoIP, VHFoIP), chat, fax, mail
o    Internal / External databases
EMSA SafeSeaNet, Lloyds, IMDG, Port Systems, PHICS
o    Other sources
Pilots, PSC, Oil Terminals, Yacht Marinas, ISPS                     data for Regional Contact Point, Landbased                     Regional Crisis Centers

•    System interconnections

•    One–stop–shop system

o    Solution characteristic:
data integration
presentation on MarSSIES-WEB and MarSSIES-CHART
Traffic Monitoring and Information Exchange
Events and Alerts (manual or automatic, triggering and    processing)

o    Simultaneous teamwork:
Reporting module
Archives (record and replay)
Full access rights control
Security (login and password, SSL protocol, VPN, etc.)

o    One-stop-shop for local, remote and mobile user.

Scope of actual users

VTS (VTMS) – identification and tracking
MAS – Maritime Assistance Services
Marine Environmental Protection Inspectorate
Harbour Masters
Small ports / Marinas
SAR – Search and Rescue
Customs Office
Fishing Control Inspectorates
Landbase Regional Crisis Centres
Landbase Central Crisis Centres
Polish Navy

Examples of system functions

•    S-57 ENC cells and Navigational Warnings uploaded ON-LINE by Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy

•    S-52 data presentation

•    Information on new navigational dangers, temporary changes

•    Navigational warnings (graphic and text presentation)

•    Basic geographical data – e.g. ISPS Port Facility areas and PFSO contact details

•    Unlimited number of additional layers – wrecks, description database, planned routes, polution areas, exercise areas, etc.

•    Passage lines / areas which can trigger alerts upon any / individual vessel passing

•    All data presented on the chart are stored in the system database

•    Comprehensive traffic overview

•    Presentation of: AIS, VTS, radar,

•    Monitoring of aids to navigation (AtoN)

•    Waving forecasts

•    Weather forecasts

•    Historical data retrieval and display

•    Selective vessels monitoring and alerting (e.g. hazarous vessels, banned, SHT, waste, small crafts …)

•    Suport of the allied services (Customs, Immigration)

•    Facilitation of the port operations (pilots, tugs)

Commented systems screenshots:


MarSSIES-CHART: View of the Port of Gdynia


MarSSIES-WEB: Main event screen


MarSSIES-TUCH: new touchable GUI


MarSSIES-portable: new touchable GUI for portable device