1. Brief Description (PP Pres or 1-2 page info paper)

Visual Presentation of Predicted Metrological and oceanographic data in the Chart display.
Prediction is based on current speed and the planned schedule.


2. Functional Capabilities (types of data à information content)

Wind direction and force (Visual)

Current direction and Speed (Visual)

Wave height and direction (Visual)

Above is also available in text box together with predicted Sea level)

Accuracy/reliability of data is indicated

Different color can be used for highlight when force exceed user defined Threshold


3. Intended Purpose (including benefits)

Purpose is to give operator quick and easy to understandable  information on the predicted prerequisites along the planned route.


4. Portrayal examples (means or methods of portrayal)

a) good examples

Intuitive presentation used for Wind


b) lessons-learned
c) some concerns

Not intuitive indicator for wave and current

Current vector to large