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Webinars on AtoN during the Covid-19 Pandemic Thursday 29 October 2020

Presentation by Chris Procter, CEO of Sealite Pty Ltd – 07:00 UTC

An industrial members perspective on managing the continuity of product supply through the COVID-19 pandemic. Describing first-hand experience, Chris will talk about the challenges many businesses continue to face in operating in this unique environment and measures that can be taken to survive and thrive.

Presentation by Liu Wei, Chief manager of Wu song VTS center (Shang hai, China), engaged in VTS operation and management for 12 years – 07:20 UTC

Recommendations for VTS Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Ships sailing among various ports around the world have the risks of carrying COVID-19. As a link between ship and shore, VTS can take full use of the advantages of fast access to ship and shore information and real-time ship dynamics, and play an active role in assisting ports to cope with COVID-19 pandemic.

Presentation by R. David Lewald, navigation systems and aids to navigation specialist for the U.S. Coast Guard – 16:00 UTC

A Discussion Regarding Impact of COVID-19 to the U.S. Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Program.

The U.S. Coast Guard presentation will review the early actions taken by leadership and will review the various metrics used to assess the impacts of COVID to the provision of Aids to Navigation (AtoN). While the Pandemic appears to be far from over, it is envisioned that through dialogue among IALA membership regarding action taken and lessons learned can be shared to the benefit of all.

The recording of the presentations will be made available on the IALA Youtube Channel after the event.

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