ELMAN S.r.l.

ELMAN S.r.l., established 1975, operates in design, manufacturing, maintenance and installation of telecommunications systems and equipment for professional applications.

ELMAN has gained valuable experience in the design and manufacturing of:
– VTS systems
– AIS networks and equipment
– VoIP-based communication networks and systems
– Fixed and portable synthesized transceivers in the HF, VHF and UHF band
– Analog and digital radio links the VHF and UHF band
– GPS-based receivers and positioning systems
– Linear and switching stabilized power supplies
– VHF and UHF ground-plane antennas
– VHF and UHF coaxial dipole multiple antennas
– Antenna towers for radars, radio links and radio broadcasting

All ELMAN products are suitable for those customers who particularly care for flexibility, reliability and quality. ELMAN is skilled in the design of solutions specially tailored to the customers’ needs.

Contact info

Name Francesco Borghese

Position Project Manager

Email francesco.borghese@elmansrl.com

Website http://www.elmansrl.com


via di Valle Caia 37




Telephone +39 069194405

Fax +39 069194306

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