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FORCE Technology Division for Maritime Industry The strength of FORCE Technology Division for Maritime Industry is the unique combination of specialised know-how, modern facilities within hydro- and aerodynamics, state-of-the-art simulators and top-class simulator training facilities. In our two towing tanks and five wind tunnels, we are testing and measuring everything related to ships, ports and bridges. The knowledge we gain from these tests can be used in our seven full-mission and part-task simulators where we train Captains, Masters, Navigators and Pilots and also perform engineering studies for ports and waterways. The Division for Maritime Industry is divided into three departments, Hydro- & Aerodynamics, Simulation, Training & Ports and Applied Psychology, but in the daily operation we function across the organisational boundaries. Simulation, Training & Ports The Department for Simulation, Training & Ports is focused on developing shiphandling simulators, simulator training of crews and port and ship engineering studies. Our simulators range from desktop to full-mission solutions. Depending on customer requirements and specifications, we offer shiphandling simulators using the latest and most sophisticated COTS technology and simulation software developed in-house. The cornerstone in creating an optically realistic and professional simulation is the realism of the mathematical ship model DEN-Mark1. This model, which is considered to be the most accurate on the market for maritime simulation, is continuously developed and improved on the basis of the knowledge gathered in our Department for Hydro- and Aerodynamics. Our training courses are executed on the in-house developed flexible and renowned SimFlex4 simulators. The training is carried out by experienced instructors using state-of-the-art pedagogical tools and our accurate ship models. We offer a wide range of maritime simulator training courses including extensive train-the-trainers programmes. Further, we offer services that support our clients in the engineering phase of port construction and ship development. Hydro- & Aerodynamics Our specialists within hydro- and aerodynamics are supported by advanced testing facilities such as towing tanks and wind tunnels and several in-house developed numerical design tools combined with state-of-the-art commercial CFD codes. The department has been entrusted with hydro- and aerodynamic consultancy for numerous prestigious projects, and among our customers are leading shipyards, shipowners, oil companies, consultancies and civil engineering contractors. Our services include hull line optimization, propeller design and cavitation tests, manoeuvring tests, seakeeping tests of ships and offshore structures, wind forces on ships, offshore platforms, buildings and bridges, as well as wind environment investigations. Applied Psychology Our Department of Applied Psychology offers services to our customers within safety and occupational psychology, design psychology and consumer psychology. We help our customers design commercially successful products, services, environments and processes with focus on usability, positive user experience and better satisfaction of consumer requirements. Our methods are based on a unique combination of applied psychological knowledge and the use of psychological, anthropological and ethnographic techniques.

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