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FREQUENTIS MARITIME COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION SOLUTIONS The trend in safety-critical environments is to migrate away from analogue, voice-only communication toward digital data and information technologies. The maritime sector is no exception, as demonstrated by the popularity of information systems like the Automatic Identification System (AIS) or Digital Selective Calling (DSC). Frequentis supplies maritime communication and information systems for control centres involved in safety and security. Our systems combine both voice communication and information solutions, with a strong emphasis on usability, reliability, innovation and system integration. The Frequentis Tracking & Tracing (T&T) data platform allows our systems to integrate seamlessly with numerous maritime services and solutions, including Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCC), Vessel Traffic Centres (VTS), Vessel Traffic and Management Information Services (VTMIS), and Coastal Waterway Management and River Information Services (RIS). Frequentis excels at even the most challenging and complex projects, thanks to over 65 years of experience providing customers with high-quality, safety-critical communication and information systems. We strive to be the best at designing, producing, installing and maintaining safety-oriented systems for the maritime, air traffic management and other sectors. Our success comes from the quality, flexibility and ease of use of our solutions, but also through our strict customer orientation and ability to fulfil individual, complex needs in the required timeframe. The results can be seen in our installed base of over 20,000 operator positions throughout the world.

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Name Khashayar Saravandi-Rad

Position Director Business unit Maritime




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