The Korea Institute of Aids to Navigation(K-AtoN)

The Korea Institute of Aids to Navigation(K-AtoN) is a public organization established by Aids to Navigation law in 1999 and entrusted to undertake works on behalf of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Korea.

K-AtoN is responsible for 3 Buoy Depots, International Accredited Aids to Navigation equipment Test and Inspection office, National Lighthouse Museum, Maritime Cultural Spaces, Korea Aids to Navigation Training Institute and AtoN R&D center.

K-AtoN give you our word that we will put in our best efforts to develop the level of AtoN in Korea and lead in related technology.

Contact info

Name Kim Byung-Kuk / Bae Jun-Ki

Position Deputy General Manager / Manager




6th FL, Da-ol business center, 13-9 Areumseo 1-gil, Sejong-si, Republic of Korea



Korea, South

Fax 82-44-862-7601

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