Oynetec Pty Ltd

Africa’s Emergency Contact For Real-Time Maritime Support.

Oynetec assist Port Authorities in Africa run tight ship and achieve their desired business objectives through the provision, maintenance and support of maritime technology solutions such as:

– Maritime Domain Awareness
– Aids to Navigation
– Maritime Information System
– 24 Hour service and support
– Training Aids and Simulators
– Software Solutions

The Right-Hand To Sharp Thinkers

The job of leaders tasked to provide fast-acting maritime solutions and visionary strategies can only be well executed with trusted partners. Our team’s commitment to excellence ensures that our clients and staff are always supported and exposed to opportunities that promote growth for the entire work system.

We conduct business in a manner that not only empowers but supports the growth for the African continent. As a Level 1 Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment contributor, we ensure that our goal for the nation’s growth is displayed through ownership, training and development, excellent service and support to our clients, team and partners.

Some of our clients include the Transnet National Ports Authority – with eight commercial ports in South Africa and the Namibian Ports Authority (NAMPORT).

Contact info

Name Mr Bruce Nell

Position Managing Director

Email brucen@oynetec.co.za

Website www.oynetec.co.za

Cape Town


South Africa

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