Sena and Vans Co., Ltd.

Sena and Vans Co., Ltd. has been an integrated manufacturer of Aids to Navigation (AtoN) equipment since established in 1955. Taking advantage over 60 years experiences, we have been developing, designing, producing and providing of visual AtoN as marine signal lights and radio AtoN such as the Racon, DGPS and AIS systems. We also provide polyethylene Buoys and High Frequency (HF) Radar system in Japan. In addition, we have conducted maintenance service of AtoN equipment which are managed by the Japan Coast Guard and used in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. We would like to contribute to the safety and efficiency of marine navigation with our technical capabilities and experience. We will continue to grow with our customers in response to changing times.

Contact info

Name Susumu Hosokawa

Position Adviser




1-6-6, Haneda-kukou





Telephone +81-3-5708-7300

Fax +81-3-5708-0151

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