An IALA Guideline describes how to implement practices normally specified in a Recommendation.

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IALA is an international association that deals with Marine Aids to Navigation. The association aims to provide information and support to its members and the maritime community through its standards, recommendations, guidelines and other documents as accurately as possible. However, the planning, implementation and operation of Marine Aids to Navigation remains the sole responsibility of the respective national members, authorities, administrations or other entities according to their respective national law including the decision to use IALA’s standards, recommendations, guidelines and other documents.  IALA shall in no event be held responsible for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, or out of or in connection with the above-mentioned documents, the use of or other dealings with them.

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ID Title Last revised date Format
G1183 G1183 Provison of MCP identities 28 June 2024
G1182 G1182 Cyber security specifics from an IALA perspective 28 June 2024
G1181 G1181 VDES VDL Integrity Monitoring 14 December 2023 PDF: English
G1180 G1180 Resilient PNT 14 December 2023 PDF: English
G1179 G1179 An introduction to the Internet of Things from an IALA perspective 16 December 2022
G1178 G1178 An introduction to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) from an IALA perspective 16 December 2022
G1177 G1177 Portrayal of VTS information 28 June 2024
G1176 G1176 How to Promote Safety Culture in VTS 16 December 2022
G1175 G1175 AtoN Equipment and Structures Exposed to Extreme Environmental Conditions 16 December 2022
G1174 G1174 Ed1.0 Radar reflectors for marine aids to navigation 16 December 2022
G1173 G1173 Ed1.0 AtoN Training and Awareness for Mariners 16 December 2022
G1172 G1172 The Marking of Bridges and other structures over navigable waters 16 December 2022
G1171 G1171 Human Factors and Ergonomics in VTS 03 June 2022 PDF: English
G1170 G1170 Solar Modules for a Marine Environment 03 June 2022 PDF: English
G1169 G1169 Training and Certification of Marine AtoN Personnel 03 June 2022 PDF: English
G1168 G1168 Quality Control of third-party AtoN Service Providers 03 June 2022 PDF: English