An IALA Guideline describes how to implement practices normally specified in a Recommendation.

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IALA is an international association that deals with Marine Aids to Navigation. The association aims to provide information and support to its members and the maritime community through its standards, recommendations, guidelines and other documents as accurately as possible. However, the planning, implementation and operation of Marine Aids to Navigation remains the sole responsibility of the respective national members, authorities, administrations or other entities according to their respective national law including the decision to use IALA’s standards, recommendations, guidelines and other documents.  IALA shall in no event be held responsible for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, or out of or in connection with the above-mentioned documents, the use of or other dealings with them.

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ID Title Last revised date Format
G1006 G1006 Plastic buoys 14 December 2018 PDF: English
G1014 G1014 Accreditation of VTS Training Organizations and Approval to Deliver VTS Model Courses 31 January 2022 PDF: English
G1058 G1058 Use of Simulation as a Tool for Waterway Design and Aids to Navigation Planning 03 June 2022 PDF: English
G1078 G1078 The Use of AtoN in the Design of Fairways 17 December 2021 PDF: English
G1100 G1100 The Accreditation and Approval Process for AtoN Personnel Training 15 December 2017 PDF: English
G1111-1 G1111-1 Producing Requirements for Core VTS Systems and Equipment 16 December 2022
G1111-2 G1111-2 Producing Requirements for Voice Communications 16 December 2022
G1111-3 G1111-3 Producing Requirements for Radar 16 December 2022
G1111-4 G1111-4 Producing Requirements for AIS 16 December 2022
G1111-5 G1111-5 Producing Requirements for Environment Monitoring Sensors 16 December 2022
G1111-6 G1111-6 Producing Requirements for Electro Optical Systems 16 December 2022
G1111-7 G1111-7 Producing Requirements for Radio Direction Finders 16 December 2022
G1111-8 G1111-8 Producing Requirements for Long Range Sensors 16 December 2022
G1111-9 G1111-9 Framework for Acceptance of VTS Systems and Equipment 16 December 2022
G1123 G1123 The Use of IALA Waterway Risk Assessment Programme (IWRAP) 03 June 2022 PDF: English
G1127 G1127 Systems and Services for High Accuracy Positioning and Ranging 03 June 2022 PDF: English