Topical matters

AtoN Software


Flash Simulator is a tool for an AtoN or fairway designer for visual testing and evaluating different flashing light characters and their compatibility with others in a group. The software can be used for finding the best light characters for leading lights, showing advantages of using synchronised lights in channel marking, etc.

Download Flash Simulator installer package in a zip-file from here and run the file setup.exe that starts a wizard.  The installer checks for prerequisite components (Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6, Windows Installer 4.5) in the computer and installs these from the package if needed.

The user manual (Help) is available in the program on the blue icon with a question mark in the upper right corner of the window.

A demo project for the Simulator along with its background image for attaching to the project can be downloaded here.

Terms of use

The software was developed by the Estonian Maritime Administration. As the software was developed with public money it is not allowed to use the software downloaded here for free for commercial purposes. For acquiring the software for commercial use please turn to the developer of the software Almic OÜ.