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Software and services

Here you can download the latest version of the Ship eNavigation Prototype Display, the Ship-EPD.

It now includes anomynized live data for Denmark, simply start the program and you will receieve data.

The program comes bundles in an exe file, able to receieve anomoynized AIS data.

Simply download and run the exe file.

Java 1.7 is required to run the program. You can download Java here.

Version 3.0 of the EPD has been released. The EPD consists of two projects. The EPD-Ship and the EPD-Shore.

They are available as a runnable jar and as a exe file, download below:

EPD-Ship.exe OR EPD-Ship.jar

EPD-Shore.exe OR EPD-Shore.jar

For unexperinced users we recommend you download the exe file.


The source code is available on Github.

We also have the following GitHub sites:

AisLib source on Git Hub

Java library used for encoding and decoding AIS Messages over TCP – source.

See all projects on DMAs Git Hub organisation page here and AIS relevant library here.