Topical matters

Information Portrayal

IALA Portrayal Guideline

IALA Guideline G1105 Ed.1 Shore-side portrayal ensuring harmonisation with e-Navigation related information December 2013 rev1

Template for posting information

1. Make sure the following minimum information is present:

2. Submitting Organization

3. Point-of-Contact

  • name
  • e-mail address

4. Brief Description (PP Pres or 1-2 page info paper)

  • Display type (such as RADAR, ECDIS, ECS or Head-up display)

5. Functional Capabilities (types of data à information content)

6. Intended Purpose (including benefits)

7. Portrayal examples (means or methods of portrayal)

  • good examples
  • lessons-learned
  • some concerns

8. Last edited (date)

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