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Planning and Reporting of Testbeds in the Maritime Domain

About testbeds

A testbed is a platform for trialling development projects. Testbeds generally involve rigorous, transparent and replicable testing of scientific theories, innovative solutions, computational tools and new technologies.

Quoting from IALA Guideline 1107, e-navigation testbeds allow for early identification and assessment of new system functionality, operational usability, areas of enhancements, identification of weaknesses and socio-technical impact.

Testbeds should not be limited or restricted by current architecture, data structures or procedures.

There are testbeds that, while being not directly identified as e-navigation testbeds, are nevertheless relevant to e-navigation.

Testbed information

As e-navigation evolves from concept to operational reality, the importance of testbeds continues to grow.

e-Navigation involves much research to enhance safety and operational efficiencies. Sharing of information is essential in any research. And this also applies to e-navigation. Testbed managers are encouraged to share results (including interim and final reports) of testbeds with the maritime community through IALA.

IALA will post testbed findings, including an executive summary and description as provided by the testbed manager, at the testbeds page of the IALA website. It is then available to everyone involved with e-navigation and testbeds.

The information can be used to inform on completed, ongoing and planned testbeds.


Sharing of information benefits everyone. But this requires that information on new and existing testbeds is provided to IALA.

If every testbed project manager provides and maintains current data on their testbed, the IALA website can provide a vehicle for sharing of information which can aid  implementation of the e-navigation concept. IALA invites all who are involved with testbeds, big or small, to provide information for the IALA webpage.

If you have suggestions for how IALA can provide a better testbeds information service, please let us know.

For more information on IALA Webpage on Testbeds, please click here.

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