VTS Authorisation

The webinar on VTS Authorisation was scheduled for Thursday 26 August 2021, 10:00 UTC.

Neil Trainor is currently employed with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority as Principal Advisor, Vessel Traffic Services. His major areas of responsibility include: Managing AMSA’s role as the competent authority for VTS, including oversight of the associated regulatory framework, the assessment and appointment of VTS Authorities and the accreditation of VTS Training Organisations. It also includes, providing strategic advice to AMSA with regard to meeting its responsibilities as the competent authority for VTS.
He will give a presentation on VTS Authorisation : A competent Authority Perspective
Stephen DSouza is Marine Manager Operations at Melbourne, one of the largest Ports in Australia, with a through put of 85 percent of the states economy. He has a Master Mariner Class I certificate
He has worked 14 years in  Merchant Navy, and there after 2.5 years as a Chartering Officer in chartering company specialised mainly in the bulk and general cargo trade, 3.5 years as National Operations Manager (liner trade) for major international shipping line in Australia, 6 years as a Commercial Shipping Manager for a major manufacturing company importing and exporting goods from Australia, 2.5 years as lecturer at Maritime college in Sydney, and for the last 13 years managing port operations in Melbourne, as VTS Manager.
He will give a presentation on VTS Authorisation : A VTS Authority Perspective