Information on Guidance Documents

Information on Guidance Documents

The webinar on Thursday 14 October 2021 at 10:00 UTC is about Guideline 1081 Use of Virtual Aids to Navigation.

Speakers are:

Mats Hörström works at the Swedish Transport Agency (STA) as a nautical advisor and is responsible for the authority’s handling of AtoN’s comprehensive permits, rules, supervision and registration. Since 2010, he has represented the authority within the IALA ARM (WG 1). His professional background as a mariner is from the Royal Swedish Navy (RSwN) and where he began his career in 1984. With a changed world situation, he chose to change career in 2007 as a professional naval officer to current civilian employment and duties. On this occasion, he instead became a reserve officer and which has meant recurring duties in the RSwN as a duty officer on the bridge. In this way, it has been able to keep in touch with reality as a mariner, as well as maintain its competence as a navigator. His profession within the RSwN was primarily mine counter measure (MCM). Therefore, it has always been natural for him to be involved in creating safe routes for mariners, regardless of employer. Having been part of the task group for Vir AtoN has been a very interesting and developing period for Mats, linked to his regular work tasks at the STA. As a result, the authority and Sweden are now ready to meet new challenges in the future with Vir AtoN.

Yves Jacques is the e-Navigation coordinator for the Central Region of the Canadian Coast Guard.  Mr. Jacques has 30 years of experience in marine navigation services with Coast Guard working in diverse field such as marine traffic, communication, radio navigation, Arctic and aids to navigation operation and system design.  He is a graduate of the Quebec Marine Institute.

Kjell Johansson works at the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) with responsibility for the Swedish AIS base net. Also GNSS equipment onboard SMA ships. Icebreakers to pilot boats. Since 2019, he is represented in IALA ARM (WG 1). His professional background in SMA has been a part of the Swedish/Finish team for developing AIS to be an international IMO-standard Following the developing of GNSS and a big interest of navigational system, has led to own developing of a national ECDIS-like tool for checking and saving data, from fairway markings and lighthouse sectors. Swedish Maritime Administration has responsibility for 1100 lighthouses and 5000 floating AtoNs. Having been part of the task group for Vir AtoN has been a very interesting and developing period for Kjell, linked to his regular work tasks at the SMA As a result, the authority and Sweden are now ready to meet new challenges in the future with Vir AtoN.

  • On Thursday 30 September 2021 at 1000 UTC is on the Guideline 1161 evaluation of platforms for the provision of maritime services in the context of e-navigation.

Speakers were:

Dennis Jankowski studied Business Informatics at the University of Oldenburg (Germany) from 2014-2020, which he completed with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.
Currently he is working as a research associate in the OFFIS Institute for Information Technology. His research focus lies primarily on the secure data sharing within the maritime domain.
Furthermore, he is an active member in some consortia such as the MCC and the IALA.

Thomas has had a variety of managing roles in different areas such as head of department, technical director and QA manager. The fields have been ranging from Biotechnology to software development and medical equipment. In 2007 Thomas entered the maritime world as a project manager at the Danish Maritime Safety Administration, which later was merged with the Danish Maritime Authority. From 2008, Thomas’s main involvement was with e-navigation, and from 2011 to 2016 he was leading DMA’s e-navigation team. He has also been involved in a number of EU projects focusing on e-navigation; as work package leader in EfficienSea (2009-2012) and ACCSEAS (2012-2015) and project manager of EfficienSea2 (2015-2017). In IMO and IALA, Thomas has been representing Denmark in e-navigation matters. Furthermore, Thomas has been organising the international conference on e-navigation, “e-Navigation underway” under the auspice of DMA and IALA since its inauguration in 2011 to 2018. In 2017, Thomas established the company ‘Digital Maritime Consultancy’, with the purpose of working with the Maritime Connectivity Platform (MCP). From 2018, Thomas was working on the establishment of the Maritime Connectivity Platform Consortium as a governing body for MCP. This consortium was established in the beginning of 2019, and Thomas was elected as Secretary General of the consortium.