World Marine Aids to Navigation Day – 1 July 2021

World Marine Aids to Navigation Day – 1 July 2021


Video on Aids to Navigation
Introduction from Francis Zachariae, IALA Secretary-General

Testimony from Valeria Leon – Alumni of the WWA – Chile

Testimony from Dir. Sidow Sheikh Ali Nur & Abdihamid Ali Abdirahman – Alumni of the WWA – Somalia
Video from Northern Lighthouse Board, Scotland

Presentation from Mr Xu Binsheng – AtoN development in China since 2020

Testimony from Captain Trevor Bailey – ATONS –  A User’s Perspective – Nautical Institute

Presentation from Alberto Piovesana Jr – Heritage Lighthouse – Brazil

Presentation from Sarah-Jane Lakshman – Lighthouse of the year – Australia

Presentation from RADM Awai – Private Sector Support Group for Lighthouse Servicing (Their Activities and the Legal System for Recognition) – Japan

Presentation from Captain Milen Todorov – VTS Centre & Plans for next year’s celebration – Bulgaria
Closing from Omar Frits Eriksson, Dean of the WWA-Deputy Secretary-General of IALA