IALA World-Wide Academy

Capacity Building

Academy Coastal State Analysis

In order to identify the coastal States that may be experiencing challenges in the fulfilment of their Marine Aids to Navigation related obligations, the IALA World-Wide Academy conducted a review of the quality of maritime management, the volume of maritime traffic and the degree of risk in 154 independent coastal States.

This review was undertaken in 2017 in order to allow the Academy to prioritise the resources that are available under its Capacity Building Strategy. The review identified and grouped coastal States that may be in need of capacity building assistance from the Academy into three priorities:

  • Priority 1 – coastal States having the greatest need
  • Priority 2 – coastal States having a greater need
  • Priority 3 – coastal States having some need

The Academy aims to engage with these coastal States to establish long-term capacity building activities to enable them fulfil the obligations related to Marine Aids to Navigation placed upon them in SOLAS Chapter V and that all coastal States can claim conformance with the relevant IALA Standards.

The Academy list of States in Need.