ARM8 was held at IALA HQ from 22 to 26 October 2018

The 8th Session of the ARM Committee was held at IALA Headquarters from 22 to 26 October 2018.

The session was attended by 64 participants from 28 countries, of which 44 were National Members, 3 were Industrial Members, 13 were Associate Members, 3 were observers. Seventeen participants attended for the first time. The following chart shows an analysis of participants.

The Committee commenced the work for the 2018-2022 work period, including the new role of the ARM Committee regarding operational aspects of Maritime Services which fits well with the overall strategy of IALA and the evolution of the maritime sector.

Working in three working groups, the Committee considered 98 input papers including presentations and produced 15 output documents including 1revised Academy model course, 10 liaison notes, 1 workshop proposal and 17 working papers. All Recommendations and Guidelines considered were aligned with the proposed seven Standards.

The Committee produced the following Model Course:

Draft Model Course L1.2 Master of AtoN Management Ed.1_20181024.

The Committee prepared the following workshop proposal:

Draft Cyber Security Workshop Proposal.